Sunday, August 31, 2008

Agloco died 2007 , died 2008

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Well, I do not know why I still remember Agloco!? Agloco is dead, Agloco was great idea with bad management. Maybe once we shall get new Agloco . Who knows!

With Agloco I got a lot of internet friends from the whole world. With Agloco I began to learn, what is internet, what are internet communities. I began to learn, what is internet business. With Agloco I found another world.

Some of Agloco fans joined to new . We were supporting for about a year. Some of us were 'working' there almost every day. There was a lot of videos, photos, blogs, we were discussing about a lot of life things on forum. In December 2007 Kay asked us to be patient more about 6 months. We trusted him , we were helping him. Once (few months ago) I wanted to enter site and .... it was no existing any more. We still do not have any information, what happened. At least we expected last info from Kay.

What have Agloco and common together? Nothing, if we talk about internet opportunity! A lot, if we talk about great ideas. A lot, as both disappeared.

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