Sunday, March 30, 2008

1st of April - birthday of Agloco2 ?

It seems there is still a lot of Agloco fans all over the world. They (me too) still hope,

that Agloco didn't die or we just do not want to realise, it is over.

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Few weeks ago Agloco member posted on one forum, that he got paid from Agloco (70€) .

Today I got email from Agloco friend rustan , asking me :

"AGLOCO 2 - Reborn : Is it True or Hoax ?"

I am afraid that it is joke , as 1st of April is day, when we can lie.

"Yes, finally good official news! Agloco will be here again! Another few
weeks and the relaunch of Agloco with new management will be reality!Officially
only 4 or 5 recruiter were allowed to know it in advance. One is Agloco Italy
Network who already revised it on
(yeah, he beat me) and one is me Not sure if the others will
mention about this on their blog but i will for sure...."

"If you are already a Agloco member your referral link will not change and
you will use it in future to get more referrals. That referral link will be
available after the relaunch."

Source :

Today (2nd April 2008) I could reach Agloco official blog !?

OH, I almost forgot : there is another "Agloco2" , as shyam titled it on MarketingPond. Check this site , where you can be paid, using ('ex' Agloco 'husband')

Today we know, that it was April joke.
Comment by Robby Dream on Today (3rd April) 1:47 am (4 minutes ago)

" and are the same Was thinking to do some fun using Agloco a little more… too bad it is dead, so i decided to bring it alive for a few days at least "


Anonymous said...

Agloco was scum, don't keep waste your time in it, It's useless and not smart.

Rado Zupanc said...

I suppose you wanted to say 'scam' ? Well, Agloco is DEAD, Agloco FAILED , that is fact.

If it was scam or not - read about definition, what is SCAM (fraud , cheating ...).

As I got your comment, it was not useless - lol.

Rado Zupanc said...

See : and others relevant.

L.I.D said...

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Nirmala K said...

Hi How r u Ismabera. I was an agloco affiliate member through you from India. My name is chozhan

Rado Zupanc said...

hello chozhan

yes, I remember you
uau! it's more than 5 years that I wrote the last post here and it seems that Agloco is still alive - lol!